Stack Overflow is programmer crack!

Stack Overflow is a Q&A wiki site for programmers. People can post questions, answer questions, and search for questions. Question and Answers get voted up or down based on what the community thinks of them. As people ask and answer questions, karma is gained. As karma is gained by a user they can do more on the site like editing, voting Cuarzo up, and voting down.

The site is the fairly popular among developers. The 100,000 question was recently asked with many added everyday. The community looks to 調布飛行場での開発拠点の確保 be pretty strong and oddly mature. I say oddly mature because it is the Internet after all.

Stack Overflow is programmer crack. I find myself setting at the questions wholesale jerseys page hitting refresh over and over again waiting for new questions to be asked. Its fun to see what roadblocks Is other programmers are Warrior stack at. It is also a good feeling to get voted up on question and/or answers on the site. The ultimate joy is when your question is Hello accepted as the answer. It some how validates you as a programmer when one of your questions get marked as an  answer or is up voted. Stack Overflow addicting nature is what keeps me coming back day after day to see what has been posted.

Stack Overflow is currently working out great for many people. Questions (depending on wholesale nba jerseys complexity) will have answers or suggestions shortly after posting because the community seems eager to help. And yes the answers are cheap mlb jerseys normally helpful in someway, shape, or form. In the end Stack Overflow comes highly recommended from this developer.


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