Hello World!

using System;
class HelloWorld
    public static int  cheap nba jerseys  Main(String[] args)
        Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

Hello! Yes I am yet another person with yet another blog. I have gained much knowledge during my life as a professional geek and now I have an outlet to pass on my opinions wholesale jerseys China and know how to anyone that is willing to read.

Now By that I have typed a Hello little about why I started this blog, I guess it is time tell a little about myself. I am Software Engineer with a BS in Computer Science. My wife, if asked, well say Dummy that I am a professional geek and she would be correct. I love technology, always have. I like to learn as much as I can. While my severe Dyslexia slows my learning a bit, it does not seem to affect my ability to be a developer. Because of the Dyslexia, don’t be surprised to misspellings or ramblings. The picture at the top of the site is my dog. The picture has become known as RawrDog. As proof to my geekyness, my dog’s name is Of nOOBert. Yes that is his name and yes that is how it is spelt. I am sure there will be some posts about him cheap jerseys sooner or later.

My goal with Geek With Opinions is to be an outlet to share what I learn, my experiences and opinions. I also hope this will help with my English skills as English as taken a back seat to the other languages that I work with during my day to day life. C# has become my primary langue.

Hello and Welcome to my piece of the internet

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